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Grade School Dance

We have classic weekly classes for children in grades 1-5!


Fun, Fitness and Friendship are the name of the game for our grade school classes! Our kids LOVE to dance! We present and solidify a solid foundation in dance and offer our kids the chance to develop their creative and analytical minds. Our classes and teachers help our students develop discipline, time management, conflict resolution, teamwork, confidence and more! 


Our Age 6-7 Prep classes (year 1 and 2) are for children in Grades 1-2. These classes really keep our students busy, and give them a good foundation for their dance education. In all genres, the basic movements of the dance style are introduced in fun and creative ways. Ballet, Tap/Jazz, Hip hop, Lyrical, Aerial and Acrobatics are all options for this age group.

Click here to see our School Year schedule!

Our Age 7-9 Mini classes are for children in Grades 2-4. These classes build a wonderful basis for dance as dancers continue along their dance journey, and they truly have the opportunity to explore many new genres! With options in Ballet, Tap/Jazz, Hip hop, Move N Groove (Hip Hop/Jazz), Lyrical, Aerial and Acrobatics, this age group has a wonderful selection to choose from.

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Our Age 9-11 Junior (level I and II) are for generally for grades 3-5.When appropriate, we have two levels available to make for a more personalized experience for out dancers and be sure everyone gets the right training they need. The best way for us to decide which level is right for your dancer is by chatting with us to discern the best level to start. Please reach out to us with any questions regarding the correct level for your dancer! We offer Jazz/Lyrical, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Aerial, Technique, Acrobatics and Aerial for this age group.

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Our Age 11-13 Preteen  (level Iand II) are generally for grades 5-7. Jazz and its offshoot, lyrical are separated, while ballet and tap each have their own classes. Hip hop, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Aerial,Contemporary, Modern, Aerial, Technique and acrobatics round out the options for this age.

Click here to see our School Year schedule!

All of our grade school students are invited to take part in our annual year end recital! Combo classes perform twice in the show, as do our jazz/lyrical classes!

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