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Middle & High School Dance

Our Middle School and High School Dancers benefit from a vast variety of options. New to dance? No problem! Looking for a challenge? We've got you covered! We are great at helping our older kids find exactly the right class to help them achieve their goals. In an uncertain time for many kids in terms of social challenges, confidence and managing stress, we are proud to be a part of helping our tweens and teens navigate the waters of life and provide them an outlet for creativity/expression as well as teach valuable life skills.

Our Age 12-14 Teen  (level I and II) are generally for grades 7-9. We continue to solidify the foundations of dance while providing our students the opportunity to develop as artists and social beings. Jazz and its offshoot, lyrical are separated, while ballet and tap each have their own classes. Hip hop, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Aerial,Contemporary, Modern, Aerial, Technique and acrobatics round out the options for this age.

Click here to see our School Year schedule!

We have classic weekly classes for grades and up in our Teen and Senior Program (level I and II, Beginner/Int levels) in the disciplines of ballet, pointe, jazz/lyrical, tap, hip hop, modern/contemporary, aerial and acrobatics. Advanced/Intermediate dancers continue to train their basics while taking on new challenges both technically and artistically, while foundations are introduced to our beginner/intermediate dancers. We have classes available for just about every teen dancer we come across, whether they are new to dance or have several years of study under their belts. 

Click here to see our School Year schedule!

All of our Middle and High School Dancers are invited to participate in our year end recital. Jazz/Lyrical performs twice in the show (once in each discipline!) 


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