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Why Choose Dance?

Today's parents have a seemingly never ending selection of activities from which to choose. So what sets dance apart from other activities, and is it right for your child and mine?

Click here to see our Top Ten Reasons to Choose Dance slideshow!

Today, technology is constantly advancing as our society moves forward. Schools are eliminating recess and free play times. Children are more and more spending their free time learning and playing with the aid of electronics. In response, many studies have shown that motor skills, balance, strength and coordination in kids is on the decline. An article recently published in the Washington Post stated that in one study, only one of twelve third grade students had the balance and strength of their counterparts from the early 1980's. 

All of our classes incorporate a love of movement and help make the brain to body connections that foster those skills. All of our classes incorporate fitness elements that make the body more coordinated, flexible, strong and fit. Our classes are appropriate to developmental benchmarks set forth by the American Association of Pediatrics. In our studio, we get kids to love to MOVE... what's even better is that we get kids to love to MOVE at home, too!

Outside of motor skills and physical development, dance helps create healthy minds. Students of dance experience creative exercises that help their imaginations take flight. Dancers learn how to move with a group of people to accomplish a goal as a team. Our instructors offer positive critiques, teaching our students how to correct themselves to improve. Keeping equipment together, being responsible for oneself, and being asked to remember and execute multiple tasks at once fosters organization and time management skills. Recognition of musical and movement patterns helps the left brain develop musical and mathematical skills, while emotional execution of choreography helps the right brain develop language and expressive skills. Of course, accomplishing all of these things gives a child a sense of confidence, self-belief and independence! 

Many of our dancers are amazing students academically!  

Your child will be exposed to positive role models in their dance teachers. All of our teachers are passionate about the art of dance, and we take our job as role models very seriously! We absolutely love getting to know our kids over the years and seeing the growth from tot to teen! 

Dance really does change the game! Come give it a try and see the shining smile on your child's face when they complete their first recital performance!

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