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Send A Shout Out!

Deadline May 20, 2019

Want to wish someone luck? Send a "Shout Out" to your favorite dancer. Your message will be printed in our playbill!!

Cost for "Shout Outs" :

          Program Book Shout Out: Up to 25 words $15

          Social Media Shoutout (includes a picture on our FB and Instagram with your message. Email us a picture and we'll include it!

           Combo of both program book (no photo in program book) and Social Media Shoutout $20


Dancer's Name *

email address *

Shout Out from

Shout Out Cost

Number of Words

Program, Social Media or Combo?

Shout Out Text

Success! Message received.

Order is not complete until payment is submitted by cash or check to office. If you wish to include a photo for social media Shoutouts, please email it to

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