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June Zoom Events 2020

Join us from the safety of your own home for our July Zoom events! A great way to connect with peers and burn  some physical and creative energy! We'll keep your kiddo occupied and entertained throughout these one time, themed events! All events have a dance lesson and round out with games and activities that will bring smiles! Each household need only register once!  Zoom links will be emailed to those registered for the class the day of the lesson or the day prior.


Incredible Heroes Evening Camp

Mon June 8, 2020, 5-6pm

Ages 7-10, $12

Train to be incredible! We'll explore our powerful sides, create our own superhero disguises, build our strength and agility and more.

Absolute Beginner Tap.... NO SHOES REQUIRED!!

Wed June 10, 5-6pm

Anyone 12+. $12

Always wondered about tap dancing and wanted to try it? Now is the perfect time to give it a go! No shoes required to take an intro class from the comfort of your own home (you can even turn off you camera if you like!) 

Close Up of Tap Shoes
sock hoop.jpg

Trolls Dance Party!

Tues June 16, 10-10:45am

Ages 3-6, $10

This movie has the BEST music! Let's dance the morning away to our favorite songs from the soundtrack! We'll finish things off with some super fun games and activities. Sure to bring smiles and fun to your day!

50's Sockhop Afternoon Camp

Fri June 12, 2020 1-2pm

Ages  7-10, $12

We'll be twisting the night away with this super fun night of old time rock n' roll, poodle skirts, saddle shoes and ponytails. Dress up in your 50's gear is optional!


Jo Jo Siwa Evening Camp

Wed June 17, 4-5pm​

ages 5-9

Grab your sparkly jackets, put in your side pony tail and get ready to rock those bows! This night will thrill your future pop star. Learn to dance like Jo Jo along with her music and we'll sing to it, too! Be the headline act in a concert starring YOU!  More surprises on the way will make this a time to remember!

Full House Evening Camp

Thu June 18, 5-6pm

Ages  7-10, $12

Spend the hour with your favorite TV family, the Tanners! We'll have so much Full House Fun loaded with music, creative activities, games and more... it will leave you saying, "Have Mercy!"

full house.jpeg

LIVE Outdoor Pound Fitness Class!

Sat June 20, 9-10am

Ages 12+, $15 per person

Limited to 9 students as of June 1, 2020 State Guidelines

Bring your own Yoga/Exercise mat for our Pound Parking lot Workout! We'll stay plenty socially distant, and your drumsticks will be pre-sanitized for you! Come get in a great workout with an amazing playlist, plenty of cardio and strengthening. It's gonna be a blast!

LIVE Outdoor Floor Barre Class!

Mon June 22

ages 9-13, 3:30-4:15pm

Ages 13+, 4:30-5:15pm

$15 per person

Each class limited to 9 students as of June 1, 2020 State Guidelines

Bring your own Yoga/Exercise mat for our outdoor floor barre! We'll stay plenty socially distant!  Come get in a great technique/stretch/strengthening lesson.

floor barre.jpeg
kids lyrical.jpg

Lyrical Dance Combination Class

Mon June 23 4:30pm

ages 8-12, $12

Sometimes you just have to dance! We'll be sure to pick THE perfect song that speaks to your dancer! A quick warmup followed by an awesome lyrical combo from the comfort of your own home! A great start to the week!

Jedi Training Evening Camp

Wed June 24, 2020 1-2pm

Ages  8-12 $12

Train under your Jedi Master and learn to use the force like Rey! You'll learn some intergalactic choreography that may or may not involve a lightsabre!  Dress as your favorite hero (or villain!) if you like and meet us on zoom for an hour that will fly by quicker than hyperdrive!

star wars.jpeg
pajama party.jpeg

Pajama Jam! Evening Camp

Tues June 26,

Ages 3-5, 6:30-7:15, $10

Ages 6-9, 7:30-8:30pm, $12

Grab your favorite PJs and a sleeping bag or blanket and stay in for a fun hour of slumber party fun! We'll dance to the best sleepover jams and settle in for some fun sleepover games and activities. It's the next best thing to hanging with your buddies!

Back to the Old School!  Hip Hop Class w/Mr Mike

Mon June 29

Ages 10-14, 5-6pm, $12

Things are about to get Funky Fresh! The playlist includes all the best old school jams to get your blood pumping and feet grooving. You'll learn some of the OG's of hip hop dance, and finish it all off with a fun combo! 

old school.jpeg
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